First Sitting: August 2017

It is quite some time since this medium was seated within the Lodge walls, where her development as a physical medium began. I was therefore delighted when I was once again offered the opportunity to sit together with her and her spirit team.

During her visit several séances and periods of shared communication were enjoyed, with matters pertaining to her development becoming discussed between ourselves and the spirit team.  Amongst other things it was suggested by her spirit team for her to sit for a period of around twenty minutes, with her left hand laid within a box!  As you might imagine, this came as a surprise to both the medium and myself, as neither of us had considered doing such a thing!
It also became agreed for the medium to sit here in the Lodge for the purpose of this form of experimentation, and for the gaining of further developmental experience.

With all this in mind, I hastily provided a shoe box with a hole cut in one end to enable her hand to push through. A sheet of paper was placed inside, along with a small piece of charcoal. While I was doing this the medium went for a shower, to freshen up prior to sitting and whilst there was puzzling about the proposed experiment...when she witnessed the arrival of a small apport!

"As I was dressing in the bathroom, I was wondering how I'd be able to get my arm through such a tiny hole, and was thinking, generally about the planned experiment. As I was thinking, I heard a small sound immediately to my right. The sound was akin to something light weight, dropping on to the floor, and bouncing 3 times.  I looked down to the where I heard the noise, and on the floor, found a small clear, plastic 'arm', which would be the position in which I would have my arm within the box.
To re-create the sound the little arm made, it would have dropped no more than 6 inches from the floor. As there was no where for it to have dropped from, and as I know I hadn't brought it with me, and as no one was in the bathroom with me! I can only conclude that Spirit apported the little arm as a show of support to the experiment". 

The apport was a small transparent plastic arm (slightly larger than a 5p piece).  The arm was bent at the elbow, which we felt to indicate the manner in which the medium's arm should lay inside the box.  Having no children within my home this 'sign' wasn't doubted by either of us as being a spirit enabled informational apport. 

Feeling encouraged by all this, we set out to gather further information pertaining to the proposed experiment.  We began by laying the shoe box on my dining room table, in daylight.  The medium then placed her hand inside.  She reported feeling vibrations to her hand (this sensation lasted for about two minutes).  After this she removed her hand...and then felt it appropriate to cover the box with a towel, to keep the light out.  She also felt that it would be appropriate to lay two sheets of paper inside the box rather than one (along with a small piece of charcoal) as writing may become most evidentially effected between the sheets.

This initial experimentation therefore offered us valuable information, and as a result the next phase of this experiment will be carried out within the séance room in blackout conditions.  A wooden box of forearm-length will be made to replace the cardboard one (as a wooden box can be secured to a firm base and will be less affected by natural physical movement).  For evidential reasons the wooden box will be made to be as flat as possible (not 'high' enough to allow the hand to readily turn in a physical sense). 

Having since carried out some research into psychography, slate writing and precipitated art I offer information that may, or may not, have some relevance to this mediums' proposed experiment.
Fred P.Evans
The Bangs Sisters
I will, due to the receipt of gained historical information, now also provide this mediums' spirit team with some  'sandwiched' natural slate boards and limestone pencils (as used in Victorian times). 

Nevertheless, as enthusiastic as we feel about the potential of this new experiment we are not holding any expectations whatsoever...such is the nature of any form of experimentation. We'll just go with the flow and enjoy the journey!
A sunny day in the Lodge garden....I picked the Lavender 
to make bunches and fill lavender bags....

While my husband worked in the garden to make a box with a sliding lid
...and framed two slate boards : )

The wooden box has a slide-lid (so that paper sheet can be placed inside).  It has an opening at one end that is reduced in size, just allowing a hand and lower arm to lay within.  The box lid will be 'locked' shut with a cable tie (holes are to be drilled though top and bottom).  The slates will be laid together with a piece of slate pencil between...and will then be sandwich sealed with masking tape around the edge, as this would show if it was tampered with.  Sorted!

Our next sitting to focus upon this experiment is likely to be in October.  Mediumship is like a garden...we have made our plans...but flowers can only flourish once the groundwork has been completed.