April 2018

Once again it's been a busy month developmentally for this medium...and a busy one for myself also.  Therefore we feel the priority is to offer evidence that has been recorded in audio format, as this most appropriately offers an insight of the spiritually effected progress being made and the phenomena witnessed during the séances held since February's report. 

Many spirit communicators wish to make their presence known!  These recordings clearly demonstrate that those in the spirit world wish to communicate with us just as much as we enjoy hearing from them.
The spirit visitors appear to be as keen as we are to communicate!
Further enthusiastic communication!
Despite enthusiastic and rather confusing communication it soon became apparent that the medium's team are well able to restore order.
General social exchange, with some advice regarding water
Welcome offered by the medium's primary spirit communicator

Upon guidance from the spirit team we had laid a white muslin-covered oblong shaped canvas on the floor in front of the cabinet, with a séance trumpet standing upon it (positioned nearest to the cabinet).  The red light (referred to in this recording as the 'sacred fire') was turned on at the spirit guides request.  This is an on-going experiment:
Guest sees eagle within smoke

Another experiment effected this month required the provision of a small illuminated plaque: 
Small hand clearly seen upon illuminated plaque

The medium's closed circle sittings continue, with progress reports being published at intervals best suited to the offering of evidential and developmental information.