November 2017

Following her initial return visit to the Lodge in August, the medium has continued to sit on a private basis with developmental intent for the demonstration of evidential physical mediumship.  This form of development has shown clear signs of advancement since August.

Due to her recent return to sitting within the Lodge environment we felt that various conditions were required to be stabilised before it became appropriate to continue with the new experiment, which is a 'sideline' and not intended as a diversion from her primary developmental intent (expressed by her dedicated weekly sittings). in November...we felt the time to be right to sit together again with the designed boxes (as described and illustrated in the previous post). 

On this occasion we set up the sandwiched slates (with a piece of limestone pencil between) and then rested them upon the mediums lap.  The box (with two sheets of clean paper and a small piece of charcoal pencil laid inside) was placed upon a small table positioned to her left side.  We then opened the séance with a prayer of intent and she sat within the closed cabinet in blackout conditions for 40 minutes.  Her spirit team, after 35 minutes, asked for a further ten minutes, with closure of the séance to be effected thereafter. We therefore followed this offered guidance.

During the séance I was aware of various changes to the energy within the room, with some visual phenomena accompanying this. The music played in the background was mainly popular instrumental and chosen for its easy-listening familiarity.  Aside from the offered guidance from the spirit team very little additional communication took place.

After 50 minutes the séance came to a close, with the medium returning to full consciousness gradually within the following ten minutes. After the final closure of the séance we took both the box and the slates into the living room where we could properly study any evidential phenomena that might have been effected.  In this instance nothing evidentially conclusive had been demonstrated.

Note: This experiment is on-going.

The following day the medium and I sat together socially in daylight conditions, with art materials laid upon the dining room table.  Within a light trance state the medium experienced some spiritual influence over the movements of her hands, eyes and arms, whilst at the same time an element of transfiguration was witnessed. These two paintings were created during this period, each being  accompanied by a message.
To paint is the greatest gift to humankind. Preservation of time through art is a gift. M.

The complexity of life merely illustrated through that which we paint. P.

* The medium will continue to sit weekly on a private basis with dedicated developmental intent.  The next sitting for the additional experimentation is planned for mid December. 
Thank you for your interest.