December 2017

Continuing our slate writing experiment, as further detailed within previous posts...this time the medium was seated, as previously, within the closed cabinet in blackout conditions.  The small table was placed to her left side, and upon this were placed three slates.  Under the guidance of her spirit team, on this occasion there were two large slates with, between them, a smaller one, along with a piece of limestone chalk.  The whole was sealed with a surround of masking tape, wrapped twice to ensure a true seal. 

The experimental séance lasted for almost an hour and during this period the mediums' level of consciousness varied.  For the most part she was aware of visual phenomena that was being presented to her within the closed cabinet area.  She saw figures and faces at this time, and was aware of conversations taking place between myself and her spirit team, although the communicated content was unknown to her.  Interestingly, after the séance she described seeing an upright lady in Victorian costume.  This aligned with a conversation that I'd shared with the spirit team, who said that a school teacher (Margaret, more familiarly known as Maggie) was attempting to effect a mark upon the chalk board, as she has previous historical experience of this.

The sitting was an interesting one, although upon closure when the chalk boards were examined no marks were apparent upon any surface.  This is no way negates the value nor interest of this experiment. 

This month has been a busy one.  The medium continues to sit regularly with focus upon her primary developmental intent, which is to further develop the voice box and the presentation of spiritually effected objective visual phenomena.  A few audio clips (recently recorded within the Lodge in blackout conditions) are offered here for your interest.
Link A   Link B   Link C   Link D 

Healing is another area of this mediums' development, with specific guides having been working with the medium for some time prior to introducing themselves to me here. 
Link E
Again, much like the slate writing experiment, this is another branch of her spirit teams developmental intent.

Art work is yet another element that holds the mediums' personal interest.  These paintings were effected recently whilst she was under trance control.

This second work was accompanied by these words 'To feel is to create Monet'
The feel is to create. To create is to give life a purpose, a meaning beyond which is more than can be known whilst here on this earth.  So many will be able to create their existence in the future.  Life is too limited at present. This will change as people realise their capacity to change that which is around them. Their lives will expand with their new found creative capacity.  Art is merely the start of this creative process.  Monet