October 2018

On the 1st of October I had the pleasure of being invited to sit as a guest in this Mediums' new séance room, in her own home.  It made a change for me to sit in this way...as I am invariably acting as circle leader and host within the Lodge environment.   I have, of course, built friendships with her home circle leader and some of the regular sitters when they have visited the Lodge...and have been very much been looking forward to being seated in a supporting role with someone else taking the reins for a change!

Upon my arrival at the Mediums' home I learned that one of the regular sitters had injured her ankle, but had nevertheless taken the trouble to come along in celebration (hahaha!) of my visit.  I sincerely hoped that this lady would receive some healing at some point during the pending séance...and indeed this must have been the case as she later pronounced that she felt a lot better after sitting than she had prior.

Firstly though, upon my arrival, as a group we sat around the table in the Medium's warm home kitchen, chatting and sharing our thoughts and feelings as the séance time drew closer.  The circle leader is a lovely lady who has had leadership thrust upon her following the recent passing of Travis Tiley.  She is in fact more than capable of managing the appropriate care of the Medium, so having confidence in her ability I had nowt to do but enjoy the company and humorous exchanges within light-hearted conversation around the table.  Another sitter present had joined the circle recently and she too spoke of having felt trust in the new circle leader when first she'd visited the group as a  guest. After chatting for half-an-hour the time came for us to proceed to the séance room, so we all trooped upstairs.

The séance room itself is small.  It is of a size most typically considered to be 'an average small third bedroom'.  However, this particular room cannot be considered average!  The walls are mainly plain, but attractively decorated with a few pieces or spiritually inspired art work. There is a cabinet in one corner.  This cabinet has been cleverly created using the frame of a wardrobe with the back panels removed.  The structure has been placed across a corner with curtains attached to cover the back and with sufficient fabric to allow them to be opened at the front in hook-up style.  There are four comfortable chairs in the room as well as two small tables, upon which the light and music player were standing...these being controlled by the circle leader.  There are mats placed upon the floor for sitters feet to rest upon...this is to encourage mindful regard of physical boundaries and movements.  The remainder of the floor has bare wooden boards.

The séance began in blackout conditions, although as the room setting is new there was some light leakage (the correction of this problem is on-going).  Almost immediately after the circle leader had opened the séance with the customary prayer of intent and invitation the spirit team made their presence known.  Sounds typically heard within the development of voice phenomena became demonstrated, along with complex light anomalies and both energetic and ectoplasmic-based substance becoming seen.  Later on during the séance the red light was switched on...this process being competently and safely managed by the spirit team and circle leader...and further communication took place and visual phenomena was seen in lit conditions by all witnesses present.

At the end of the séance the circle leader took appropriate care of the Medium.  She ensured that bright light did not suddenly rise to startle someone returning to consciousness after a deep trance experience and she kept the music volume down, again with the Medium's sensitive hearing in mind.  She allowed an appropriate length of time for the Medium to return 'to the room' before opening the curtains and offering her water.  At no time did she act to hasten the process, but calmly waited for the Mediums' consciousness to return naturally.  Consequently the close of séance, with the customary prayer of thanks to the spirit team, was managed as comfortably as the opening had been.

In all I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and look forward to further shared séance experiences as time goes on.  I look forward also to hearing about the seances that are held within her new home venue...I am sure there are exciting times ahead!
Chris Di Nucci

August 2018

It has been a busy month with holidays and so forth...so it is in fact now early September!

Currently there is a wide variety of visual phenomena being spiritually effected and witnessed in lit séance conditions within most seances held.  Some images are seen as if projected upon a screen...appearing almost as '3D light forms' in front of the medium's physical body.  While at other times ectoplasmic structures are formed upon the face, or in front of it, as a mask-like covering.  Threads of ectoplasm can be seen extracted from the mediums eyes, ears, nose and mouth, running both down the cheeks and across the face, in defiance of gravity.  In addition threads of light in web-like formations are seen, appearing as if woven within delicate luminous clouds.  In all...the spirit teams demonstrations of visual phenomena are becoming ever further developed and the affects are fascinating.

Aside from the visual presentations described, the development of the voice box continues.  Often deep trance communication is demonstrated by the spirit team, with some of the topics of conversations being thought provoking. 
I therefore offer a few recent recordings of conversation exchanged between myself and the spirit team:
Nervous sitters
Mediumship today...ethics...

July 2018

This report is offered as a record of the undeniable presentation of strong ectoplasmic substance. 
The séance was held with myself and two guests present, neither of these two having sat with the medium previously.

This particular demonstration took place initially as part of a 'regular' séance held within the Lodge and was effected in very much dimmed red lighting conditions.  Initially the curtains were closed across the cabinet area within which the medium was seated.  When the experiment began, upon the guidance of the spirit team the curtains were opened and all three witnessing sitters were able to see a blurry misty energy, recognised only by myself as being ectoplasmic-based.  This energy appeared mainly slightly distant of the medium, but sufficiently close to the body to cause the facial features and upper torso to appear distorted.  After a minute or so of illumination the spirit team instructed for the curtains to be closed in order for darkness to be restored within the cabinet area. 
A short time later, upon similar guidance, the red light was turned up slightly...before the curtains were again opened.  This time a sheet of energy, the same as previously seen but of greater density, was seen by all witnesses present, this time, the energy appeared to be 'standing in front of' the mediums head and upper torso, totally obscuring them from view.  The hands of the medium, which were laid upon her and therefore positioned below the 'sheet structure' were clearly seen by all.

During this séance further phenomena and spirit communication was witnessed...however as some of this was of a personally sensitive nature, I will not offer it within this report.

Due to the mediums weekly-held home circle meetings having re-located, and as a result of the recent sad loss of their circle leader, the medium is to take a break from sitting within the Lodge environment for a few months while necessary adjustments are being effected at home.
Access to the Lodge resource will remain available to the medium and further seances will be held   here when it is again felt to be of developmental benefit. 

July 2018

Very sadly, this mediums home circle leader Travis Tiley has very recently passed to spirit (July 6th).  As she has been sitting with his support within their home circle for many years now he will be sadly missed, both as an experienced circle leader and as a friend.
Link...a tribute to Travis from Mercury Star
Travis has been a welcomed visitor to the Lodge and I am fond of him too...so to me it does seem strange that he is no longer 'here'.  That said...of course he is never far away.