August 2018

It has been a busy month with holidays and so it is in fact now early September!

Currently there is a wide variety of visual phenomena being spiritually effected and witnessed in lit séance conditions within most seances held.  Some images are seen as if projected upon a screen...appearing almost as '3D light forms' in front of the medium's physical body.  While at other times ectoplasmic structures are formed upon the face, or in front of it, as a mask-like covering.  Threads of ectoplasm can be seen extracted from the mediums eyes, ears, nose and mouth, running both down the cheeks and across the face, in defiance of gravity.  In addition threads of light in web-like formations are seen, appearing as if woven within delicate luminous clouds.  In all...the spirit teams demonstrations of visual phenomena are becoming ever further developed and the affects are fascinating.

Aside from the visual presentations described, the development of the voice box continues.  Often deep trance communication is demonstrated by the spirit team, with some of the topics of conversations being thought provoking. 
I therefore offer a few recent recordings of conversation exchanged between myself and the spirit team:
Nervous sitters
Mediumship today...ethics...