May 2018

Taking advantage of an offered opportunity, the medium and myself had agreed to sit together for several séances within a two-day period, with the focus of intent being upon developmental consolidation. 
That said...elements of these sittings offered a potential insight into physical mediumship which might be missed within a regular séance I will offer the following audio clips, with a brief description as 'food for thought' for others who might be treading a similar path...

This audio clip was recorded whilst the opening music was playing, shortly after the opening prayer of invitation had been spoken.  The sounds heard are typical of those heard within séances held with this medium (and typically with many others)...basically the sounds are evidential of the excitement felt by the spirit team and spirit visitors as they prepare to communicate.  Within the sounds many voice tones can be of many different spirit people:
Seance sounds

The team moved on to chat about darkness.  I personally enjoy sitting in blackout séances as I feel that spirit form, both physical and ethereal, meet on an equal playing field when sitting in blackout.  There are other reasons for sitting in the dark and within this recording a spirit communicator and I chat together about this.  In fact a couple of spirit communicators can be heard to blend during this recording and if you listen carefully you may perhaps hear the change of tone as the blending occurs.  Often in séances there is an experienced spirit communicator who may begin a conversation and then a second communicator (or more) may blend in order to experience and develop the communication process for themselves:
Chatting together

The spirit team connected with this medium often offer advice with regard to the necessary intake of vitamins and minerals and other matters relevant to their work.  This audio clip is fairly typical of such a conversation.  Again, as within the previous communication, several different communicators share this exchange.  The medium and myself familiarly recognise an oriental spirit guide followed by a native American communicator:
General advice

Prior to one séance, for about fifteen minutes before sitting, the medium appeared to increasingly suffer from an extreme cough.  This cough increased when within the séance room until the first spirit communicator came then became apparent that the first communicator was a gentleman who had suffered a lung condition.  Often a medium will 'pick up' and present similar evidence of a condition experienced within a 'deceased' persons lifetime.  Presentations of this sort are of no concern and are to be celebrated for their evidential value.  There is no harm done to a medium.

During another séance the medium experienced extreme heat to her ear, throat and nose cavity.  This was felt by herself during the séance whilst witnesses saw luminescent substance (appearing similar to warmed marshmallow) in the affected areas.  Her spirit team explained the need for her trance condition to become deepened to support developmental advancement.  Again, the feeling of extreme heat (which may present as red marks upon the skin or even as small burn blisters) is often familiarly part of the developmental process and is evidential of extraction of ectoplasm or similar energetic substance.  Although there may be some discomfort felt the experience is to be celebrated.

The team now requires time to work once again to increase the mediums trance depth.  Various tools are in place to assist this process and further reports will be shared when advancement becomes made.